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A meta-analysis of soil erosion rates across the world

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A meta-analysis of soil erosion rates across the world

In: Geomorphology (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 15 June 2015, Vol.239, pp.160-173
Autor: García-Ruiz, José M , Beguería, Santiago , Nadal-Romero, Estela , González-Hidalgo, José C , Lana-Renault, Noemí , Sanjuán, Yasmina
Ort, Verlag, Jahr: , Elsevier B.V, 2015
Kollektion: ScienceDirect (Elsevier)
Erscheinungsform: article

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Autor:García-Ruiz, José M
Autor:Beguería, Santiago
Autor:Nadal-Romero, Estela
Autor:González-Hidalgo, José C
Autor:Lana-Renault, Noemí
Autor:Sanjuán, Yasmina
Titel:A meta-analysis of soil erosion rates across the world
Verlag:Elsevier B.V
Zusammenfassung:<p>Over the last century extraordinary efforts have been devoted to determining soil erosion rates (in units of mass per area and time) under a large range of climatic conditions and land uses, and involving various measurement methods. We undertook a meta-analysis of published data from more than 4000 sites worldwide. The results show that there is extraordinarily high variability in erosion rates, with almost any rate apparently possible irrespective of slope, climate, scale, land use/land cover and other environmental characteristics. However, detailed analysis revealed a number of general features including positive relationships of erosion rate with slope and annual precipitation, and a significant effect of land use, with agricultural lands yielding the highest erosion rates, and forest and shrublands yielding the lowest. Despite these general trends, there is much variability that is not explained by this combination of factors, but is related, at least partially, to the experimental...
Kollektion:ScienceDirect (Elsevier)
In:Geomorphology (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 15 June 2015, Vol.239, pp.160-173
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